Acceptable Use Agreement
In accordance with the Board of Education’s Policy on Employee Use of Technology, the following procedure has been established.
PUSD provides a wide range of computer resources to students and staff for the purpose of advancing the educational mission of the District. These resources are provided and maintained at the District’s expense and are to be used by members of the school community with respect for the public trust through which they have been provided.
The Acceptable Use Agreement that follows provides details regarding the appropriate and inappropriate use of the District’s technology resources including, but not limited to desktop/laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, smart phones, email, and voicemail. Appropriate operation of the District computer network requires that all users conduct themselves in a responsible, decent, ethical, and polite manner, while using District technology resources. You, the user, are ultimately responsible for your actions in accessing and using technology resources. As a user of the PUSD technology resources, you are expected to review and understand the policy and regulation in this document. Policy (PDF format) & Regulation (PDF format)
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